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Ontological Coaching

"The first time a scientific idea engaged me to start observing life from a different perspective was when I discovered Einstein's Theory of Relativity at the age of fifteen. The idea that 'the truth' was separate from 'the facts' and that the truth depended on the orientation of the observer was new for me. By questioning my orientation to situations and events, I began to see how many of the assumptions and conclusions I took for granted as real were actually the stumbling blocks in my life. Most importantly, I began to develop an "observer," or part of myself that was able to stand outside of my conditioning and question my assumptions and habitual behavior."

...excerpted from Walk on Water: How to Make Change Easier

Ontological coaching means focusing on 'being' before 'doing'. Ontological coaching is based on self-awareness, which includes awareness of language, body, sensing, thinking, emotions, moods, relationships, and what it means to learn. It also pre-supposes the idea of Oneness as the unchanging ground of self-awareness. It is the number one tool I have used to help people to make significant and lasting change.

Because ontological coaching is the door to self-awareness and the ability to evolve to what's next, it is a key ingredient to successfully navigating change as the pace of change increases and complexity goes exponential.

Ontological coaching is a methodology that assures lasting change - taking us beyond results to possibility. By changing our perspective, we open up new possibilities in both thinking and acting. Because ontological coaching fosters self-awareness it enables us, in and of itself, to begin to take new actions. We see the world differently, can alter our point of view, and make a shift.

Here is an example of how putting being before doing leads to unexpected results in coaching:

One of my clients, let's call her Mary, came to me wanting to jump-start her coaching business. She specifically wanted help in writing a business plan. Meeting Mary where she was, we started to work on the business plan but Mary soon ran out of energy. As in many coaching situations, the goal needed to be backed up in order to engage on the deeper level of what was driving the goal.

Ontologically speaking, Mary needed to re-examine what she wanted from her business - the 'being' behind the 'doing'. Working on the business plan brought up the need for this re-examination. Through the coaching process, Mary was able to determine that what she wanted most out of her business was the ability to be creative and work with people face-to-face. Once Mary was clear on this, she was able to go back 'doing' the business plan, which then moved along much more quickly.