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Walk On Water: How to Make Change Easier

By Lea Belair

Walking on water is a metaphor for a miracle. I have to thank a prior coaching client, Stephanie Shaw, for the inspiration to use it as the title of my new book. Her 'coaching story' is part of the introduction. She writes: "As for walking on water, it's about rising to the surface of a mucky situation. Not engaging in the negative aspect of a situation but going straight for the solution."

That's what Walk on Water is about: how to accomplish change by changing your perspective without having to change the situation. When we do this, change becomes easier and solutions present themselves. (They were there all along - we just didn't see them!) Stephanie was able to change her life dramatically and live her dream - from running a catering business in rural New Hampshire to becoming a horse wrangler out West - and so can you.

In the book, I share five steps that will take you through an immersive exploration of 20 change topics with specific examples and experiments to help you change your perspective, shift your thinking, and take action daily. I share stories of how I and my clients have used this process to change our lives. And I crack the door to secret knowledge, revealing the awareness techniques of the yogic masters, so you can begin to experience the Vision of Oneness.

I invite you to take the journey. Learn how to walk on water, create miracles in your life, and experience change as the power of resilience vs. the struggle of resistance!